Chantal Fry

Director/Producer, Founder of Glisse on Ice Shows, SHIVER Skating Choreographer

Glisse on Ice was founded by Chantal Fry, a Toronto-born professional figure skater and performance artist, the concept is a culmination of her love of the cool wind and freedom of movement and her passion for performance. After completing four golds under Skate Canada, Chantal set off to the performance world with “Innovations on Ice.” She then toured with “Holiday on Ice” in Europe, the “Lido de Paris,” and the “Cirque du Miroir” in Montreal.

In 2004, she created “Glisse on Ice” in Marseille, France. The troop toured the country in various theatrical ice settings from Toulon to Lyon. In 2008, Chantal returned to Canada and worked passionately to bring the art of skating to places you least expect. Using a portable synthetic ice surface and highly skilled skaters the shows have became successful in the luxury event industry. Chantal has turned Glisse on Ice into one of North America’s most unique and enchanting event entertainment companies.

Her experiences as a competitive skater, eight years of classical ballet, jazz training and the dramatic arts, led her to the passion of creating a skating stage production in combination with other performance arts. The Shiver show collaboration is a dream thought up by several artists
and fate united Glisse and the talent of Kulkat dance entertainment to create a skating and dance experience that will enchant all audiences.

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