Evelyn E. Bailey

Visual Artist/Professional Painter

Evelyn Bailey is a Canadian Artist who’s profession centres around the use of visual arts to transform lives. Owner of Enlightened Visual Arts, Evelyn believes art bridges the gap into the divine and allows visual clarity. The focus is to teach the mastery of visualization, which is the foundation of all manifestation. Evelyn uses the collaboration of lines and colors into a powerful form of communication to ignite the soul.

Evelyn’s theory is that “Art connects the heart to the mind in an expression of extreme freedom and true visibility”. Mastering the art of visual communication has driven the heart of Evelyn Bailey’s conquest to impact communities through visual arts, bridging the gap between people and communities.

Evelyn, also known as Eva, brings international alliances and film exposure, to increase Canadian art value between North America, across to the borders of Argentina. With public appearances on CityTV news to inclusive live painting events for major dance productions, Eva has established very powerful alliances in order to reach the greatest audiences, both locally and internationally, and is creating massive shifts through her artwork.

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