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Lyra & Pole Dance

With roots in circus, the Lyra is a spectacular ring which has been used by artists the world over to display feats of flexibility, strength, and emotive choreography. When attached to a vertical pole, the Lyra creates a unique, “lollipop” style apparatus.

The vertical pole is used for Pole dance, which has long-gained popularity as a fusion of acrobatics and dance. Pole dance carries with it an aura of femininity, sensuality, and slight eroticism. It embodies incredible strength, beautiful body lines, and movement to music.

Featuring elements of phenomenal flexibility, sensual dance, acrobatics, and strength, SHIVER’s Lyra and Pole acts are performed by the incredible Elisabeth Magalhaes – a professional Pole & Lyra instructor and performer. The pairing of these two apparatuses is as enchanting as it is awe-inspiring.

It is the absolutely perfect set-up for the demonstration of incredible acrobatic ability that breathes strength, awe and sensuality.

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