Shiver Show Evening Performance

Shiver Show Evening Performance

February 9, 2018 7:30 pm - 9:00 pmGlenn Gould Studio Theatre

There is much to be said about the mesmerizing and enchanting wonders of winter… with blinding storms, captivating crystals and dangerous ice caves, and with it, it’s power to deceive.

Shiver takes you through both the beauty and dangers of the ice world, both physically & emotionally, when a soldier, finally having found his beloved, quickly finds her at the hands of a powerful enchantress who, orchestrated by the Ice Queen casts a dangerous spell and forever traps her in the frozen world of winter and unbreakable ice.

Through treacherous travels in fatal winter storms, unforgiving labyrinths and perilous battles with guardians of the Ice Queen & her kingdom, our soldier’s journey  to free his love is not an easy one.. But he must try.

Personifying all elements through music, skating & dance, Shiver is the adult version of the story of Ice Queen and her castle, and  is sure to keep you captivated from the first note and to the last.. We hope you enjoy the show!

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